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Schnell Performance Motorcycle lubricants are produced in Germany to the highest quality standards. Our use of state of the art synthetic technology and our proprietary blend of synthetic additives brings out a superior performance of your engine & offers excellent wear protection and cleanliness. The result is lower fuel consumption and a cleaner engine.


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Tested & Certified By:


8% Improved Fuel Economy

*Result may vary according to different riding styles & road traffic conditions

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Schnell Adhering Chain Lube

Adhering chain lube is a specially formulated product for motorcycle ‘O-ring chains and suspension parts. It is sprayed on evenly and has a unique penetrating action that completely covers the chain, creating a waterproof barrier that prevents rust and corrosion. Adherent chain lube does not spin off and reduces frictional wear.

Article No: 513

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Schnell Schnell Universal Cleaner 

An excellent cleaner that leaves no residue.

Removes oil and grease.

Leaves an absolutely clean surface, enhances the action of:

• Schnell Brake Quit Squeal

• Optimum coefficient of friction in disc and     drum breaks

• Multiple uses

Article No: 610

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