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The best quality Schnell Racing Lubricants are made in Germany, and we make sure that the oil we sell exceeds the specifications set by organizations like the API and ACEA as well as specific automakers like bmw, mercedes-benz, volkswagen, and porsche. You may be sure that every drop of what we sell around the world is the same because we only produce in Germany. The best possible protection with the same quality and performance.

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Schnell Gear RX SAE 75W-90

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Fully Synthetic High Performance Racing Gear Oil

• API GL-5

Schnell Gear RX SAE 75W-90 is a fully synthetic, multigrade, high-performance racing gear oil that is developed for manual race vehicle transmissions and has been tested on the racetrack. With frequent load changes and severe loads, this product offers the best wear prevention.

*Article No: 8010

Schnell Gear RX SAE 75W-140

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Fully Synthetic High- Performance Racing Gear Oil

• API GL-5

High-Performance Fully Synthetic Gear Oil: A fully synthetic, high-performance multi-grade gear oil specifically created for race cars and tested on the track, Schnell Gear RX SAE 75W-140. Axle gears with a multi-plate limited slip differential that are specifically made for sequential gearboxes, providing the best wear prevention possible even in the most extreme circumstances.

*Article No: 8011

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